Intense Wind and Landspout Tornadoes – Kit Carson, CO – 4/27/2021

Severe storms produced multiple landspout tornadoes southeast of Limon, Colorado in a local outbreak of severe storms that slowly moved into Kansas through the evening. Several weak tornadoes accompanied intense winds and hail with the heaviest storms as they moved near Kit Carson, Colorado.
Shot Description

Clip 1: Intense winds approaching 70MPH blow blinding dust on a vehicle in Kit Carson.

Clip 2: Shot of a flag blowing wildly in intense winds.

Clip 3: Traffic in the background as dust blows and limits visibility.

Clip 4: Tight shot of traffic lights visible through blowing dust.

Clip 5: Lots of small hail starts impacting the ground as the storm approaches.

Clip 6: POV dash cam as wall of dust envelops the car.

Clip 7: Shot of storm structure.

Clip 8: POV driving shot of a well defined funnel and ground swirl.

Clip 9: POV driving shot of a landspout as driver passes an oil well.

Clip 10: Wide shot of large dust plume.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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