Crowell And Lockett Texas Tornadoes And Lightning – 4/23/2021

Shot Description

00:00-00:51 – White cone tornado crosses a field with a man watching it, near Crowell, TX
00:51-01:34 – White cone tornado passes close to buildings with a rainbow near Crowell, TX
01:34-01:49 – Large dusty tornado crosses a field near Crowell, TX
01:49-02:08 – Two dusty tornadoes touch down at the same time near Crowell, TX
02:08-02:16 – Large white cone tornado under a rainbow while driving near Thalia, TX
02:15-02:53 – Skinny rope tornado touches down near a Wind Farm and rainbow near Lockett, TX
02:53-03:08 – Lightning bolts illuminate the sky near Electra, TX

SID: Melanie Metz

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