Snow Causes Slick Conditions and Crashes, Twin Cities, MN – 2/21/2021

Light snow caused slick conditions and several crashes across the Twin Cities areas this afternoon and evening. A jack-knifed semi on US-169 led to a large back up of traffic, which then resulted in a chain reaction crash further north. The following video is scenes from a second crash that involved several vehicles. Unknown on injuries. There is also a clip of the semi-truck that caused the initial traffic issues being cleared and of cars finally being able to go, as well as a clip of a car that lost control and hit a median.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Medium shot from behind of at least two cars in the accident with Allina Health EMS and State Trooper vehicles in the foreground, and a person involved in the crash on the far left of the video/
Shot 2: Wide shot of the accident and crash scene with a MNDOT vehicle with arrow blocking the middle lane and cars merging into the far right lane as snow falls.
Shot 3: Close up shot of at least two vehicles in the crash showing heavy damage as a guy walks up who was involved in the crash.
Shot 4: Allina EMS talking to a MN State Trooper at the accident scene.
Shot 5: Minnesota State Trooper blocking the middle lane as cars drive by in the far right lane and take the exit ramp off the interchange.
Shot 6: Tow truck pulling up to the accident scene with a line of traffic in the background.
Shot 7: Close up of MNDOT truck and diversion arrow directing traffic to the right.
Shot 8: Wide shot of accident scene with tow truck attempting to get towards the front of the accident scene having a word with another driver not letting him in.
Shot 9: Another tow truck arriving to the scene of the trash.
Shot 10-11 : Another wide shot of accident scene with tow trucks lining up to move the vehicles and traffic moving in the far right lane and exit ramp.
Shot 12-14: Two more tow trucks arriving to help with removing vehicles from the multi-vehicle accident.
Shot 15: Close up of a flare almost burned out with crash scene blurred out in the background.
Shot 16: A look at the long line of traffic in the background due to the two accidents.
Shot 17: Driving by the accident scene showing at least two of the heavily damaged vehicles from the crash going into the tow truck.
Shot 18: Video of the first vehicles being let through as crews had just cleared a jacked-knifed semi that was blocking all lanes of 169.
Shot 19: Vidoe of a vehicle that lost control and went into the middle median and a tow truck driver working to tow them out.

SID: Will Wight

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