Heavy Snow, Rice Lake, WI – 11/16/2020

A burst of heavy snow this morning made for a beautiful wintery scenery. There was a period of time the snowflakes were as big as half dollars.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Heavy snow falling. Snowflakes big as half dollars dropping from the sky.
Clip 2. Looking across the Red Cedar river as the heavy snow was falling.
Clip 3. Heavy snow falling with a touch of remaining fall color.
Clip 4. Snow covered Trailblazer.
Clip 5. A different view looking across the river.
Clip 6. Looking towards the sky at the big snow flakes.
Clip 7. Snow covered ducks looking for food. Heavy snow still falling.
Clip 8. Heavy snow falling. Look at the Swans across the river, as they were feeding.
Clip 9. A duck with snow on it’s back swimming through the shot.
Clip 10. Snow sticking to the powerlines.
Clip 11. A snow covered dock.
Clip 12. Heavy snow falling with pine trees in the front and background.

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