Insane Windstorm Whips Monument, CO – 11/14/2020

An intense windstorm batters the Front Range with extreme wind overnight in Monument, CO., on Nov. 14, 2020.
Shot Description

00:00 – Wind howls as it whips an American flag around, and nearly rips away a McDonalds flag.

00:05 – Mid shot of last.

00:13 – Wide shot of last two.

00:21 – More flags, this time with the Colorado State flag being whipped by wind with power lines swaying in the background

00:28 – Closer shot of the last.

00:39 – Business with swaying lights in the front.

00:47 – Close up of the lights from previous.

00:53 – Intersection traffic signals swaying while flag is whipped around.

01:01 – Closeup of swaying traffic lights.

01:10 – Mid shot of swaying traffic lights and waving flag.

01:18 – Dust cloud being blown across parking lot.

01:27 – Swaying parking lot lights.

SID: Trevor Cokley

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