McHenry, IL Severe Thunderstorms and Tornado Damage – 11/10/2020

After several days of record warmth in the Chicago/Rockford metropolitan areas, a potent cold front triggered severe thunderstorms which formed into a bow echo complex that raced across northern Illinois leaving behind moderate amounts of damage throughout. Some damage occurred from tornadoes embedded in the line as well.

Shot List:
Shot 1 – Ambulance racing to another storm related medical emergency in Winnebago, Illinois

Shot 2 – A high school student achievement sign alongside a U.S. flag are bent over from extreme winds in Winnebago, Illinois

Shot 3 – A medium sized tree is snapped at the base in front of U.S. Bank in Winnebago, Illinois

Shot 4 – A large tree snapped at the roots in front of Winnebago Middle Schoo

Shot 5 – Farm debris in the median of U.S. Route 20 just northeast of Winnebago, Illinois

Shot 6, 7 – Two trucks are flipped over from extreme winds, possibly tornadic, just northeast of Winnebago, Illinois

Shot 8, 9 – A large tree top lies across the street with two damaged benches from Winnebago Middle School

Shot 10, 11 – Another U.S. flag is damaged as well as the mast from extreme winds, possibly tornadic, in Winnebago, Illinois

Shot 12-20 – A home suffers moderate structural damage from a large tree limb that fell around 50 feet during extreme winds in McHenry, Illinois

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