St. Joseph, MN Wild Fire – 11/6/2020

With the Relative Humidity in the mid 20% and sustained winds of 15mph and gusting to near 30 miles per hour, the National Weather Service issued a risk of fire danger in central Minnesota today that unfortunately came true.

Unconfirmed reports from local residents was that the fire started from a brush fire yesterday that was not completely extinguished and the strong winds combined with the extremely dry conditions caused the fire to reignite the fire and quickly spread into the a nearby wetland that had dried out for the season between County Road 2 and County Road 4 on the north side of St. Joseph, MN.

B-Roll of the fire, fire crews on the scene and a Helicopter picking up water and making water drops on the fire.

Shot Description

00:00 – Fire crew’s on the edge of a field as black smoke rises in the back ground.

00:09 – Fire burning through an open field.

00:20 – Helicopter with a bucket hanging below it fly’s into pickup water from a nearby pond.

00:58 – Fire burning through an open field as the Helicopter fly’s above the flames and smoke.

01:15 – Tight footage of flames burning through a field.

01:23 – Medium shot of flames burning through a field.

01:40 – Wide shot of flames as the fire burns through the field.

01:51 – Fire crews watching a home nearby the field where the fire is burning.

02:00 – Flames and fire burning the wetlands.

02:15 – Flames and fire burning the marsh.

02:45 – Long clip of lots of tall flames racing through the wetland or marsh.

03:38 – Various clips of fire crews on the scene or driving to the scene.

04:38 – Helicopter working dropping water on the fire and flying to refill the bucket.

05:24 – Three more clips of Fire crew’s showing up on scene near dusk as the was setting.

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