First Snow Fall, Barron County, WI -10/16/2020

Most of Barron County had seen their first snowfall of the season this morning. Some areas the ground was turning white with the heaviest snow bands.

Shot Description

Clip 1. Snow covered field.
Clip 2. Heavy snow falling with the ground turning white.
Clip 3. Another snow covered field with snow falling.
Clip 4. A sign getting covered by snow. With heavy snow falling.
Clip 5. A power pole with snow sticking to it, as heavy snow is falling.
Clip 6. Snow sticking to the ground.
Clip 7. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 8. Another field turning white.
Clip 9. Some falling with some remaining fall color.
Clip 10. A round haybale with snow starting to fall at a good clip.
Clip 11. A close shot of the round haybale and snow falling.
Clip 12. Another shot of the remaining fall colors with snow falling.
Clip 13. Looking down a road with pine trees with light snow falling.
Clip 14. A closer shot of the remain fall colors with snow.
Clip 15. A field slowly turning whit.
Clip 16. Big snow flakes falling and sticking to the hood of a vehicle.

SID: Dirk Miller

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