Early snow storm turns Rice Lake into a winter wonderland – 10/16/2020

After the morning’s snowfall. Another band of heavy snow moved through Barron County WI. Started with a period of sleet before switching over to heavy snow. This band of snow brought 1.25 inches of snow to the Rice Lake area. This video shows the beauty that was left in it’s wake.
Shot Description
Clip 1. A wide shot of snow on the pumpkins.
Clip 2. Medium shot of snow on the pumpkins.
Clip 3. Close up shot of the pumpkins covered with snow.
Clip 4. A snow covered roof.
Clip 5. Snow covered trees.
Clip 6. Wide shot looking across Red Cedar River with snow covered trees and houses.
Clip 7. Close shot of the snow covered houses and trees across the Red Cedar River.
Clip 8. Snow on the remaining fall colors.
Clip 9. Snow on pines trees, and the reaming fall colors.
Clip 10. Snow melting off a vehicle.
Clip 11. Snow on a dock, and pontoon boat.
Clip 12. Another snow covered roof.
Clip 13. Snow covered pine branches.
Clip 14. A ruler showing close to 1.25 inches of snow. Some of it melted down by time I was able to get back outside.

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