Recovery of Side By Side ATV that fell through thin ice. Ann Lake, MN

With everyone Social Distancing and now many locations issuing Shelter In Place, some in the northern states might be tempted to get in one last day of Ice Fishing. Here is a warning, please don’t because it may cost you your life or your very expensive out door equipment along with the cost of thousands of dollars to recovery your vehicle if it falls through the thin ice.

Footage shot during the mid afternoon 3/25 on Ann Lake in Ann Lake Township, MN of the staff of Andy’s Towing out of Saint Cloud, MN recovering a Polaris Side By Side ATV.

According to the crew recovering the ATV, a Grandfather and two Grand Children where out Ice Fishing and drove into an area of thin ice. All three where able to make it out of the ATV unharmed and make it to shore for help on 3/24/2020.

The ATV fell into about 14 feet deep water in near zero visibility due to a current from a nearby river that feeds the lake.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Drone shot showing the tracks of the ATV as it drove over the thin ice over the river channel in Ann Lake.

Clip 2 Scuba Tank B-Roll

Clip 3 Interview with Josh Athmann of Andy’s Towing and he describes the scene and what is happened.

Clip 4 B-Roll of the tracks of the ATV up to the open water.

Clip 5-6 B-Roll of Andy’s Towing vehicles.

Clip 7 Tracked recovery vehicle driving on the ice.

Clip 8 Dive crew gearing up.

Clip 9 – 11 Crews cutting a hole in the ice about 150 feet away from where the vehicle went in to drag it under the ice and lift it out at an area where the ice is stronger.

Clip 12 Dive crew getting ready to go into the water.

Clip 13 Drone pull back shot starting out with a tight shot of a diver ready to enter the water and then fly away to wide shot to show the whole scene.

Clip 14 – 15 Diver enter the water.

Clip 16 Diver in the water monitoring a second diver under the water directly below him.

Clip 17 Both drivers in the water after hooking up a cable to the ATV.

Clip 18 Tight wide shot on the winch pulling the ATV out then pans right to the A Frame rig used to lift the vehicle out of the water.

Clip 19 – 23 Pulling the ATV out of the water and back up onto the ice.

Clip 24 – 25 ATV on the ice after it was recovered.

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