Spring Break Party Continues Amid CV19 – Siesta Beach, FL – 3/19/2020

Beach goers at #1 beach in the USA, Siesta Beach on Siesta Key Florida in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. People of all ages decided to enjoy Siesta Key Beach with balmy temps in the 80s and a gentle breeze. Warning signs about COVID-19 on beach entrance. People on beach covering face with a cloth mask. The county has decided to shutdown the beach until further notice starting Saturday March 21 at 6am. Siesta Key has been rated number on beach multiple years by Stephen Leatherman “Dr Beach” and is #1 for 2020 by TripAdvisor.
Shot Description

1) Siesta Key Beach road entrance sign.
2) Couple walking towards beach holding hands.
3) Another beach sign showing #1 status.
4,5) Two shots of COVID-19 warning sign at beach.
6) Palm tree tops.
7) Life guard beach status sign with sun through rails.
8,9) Two shots of woman wearing a cloth fashioned mask to protect her nose and mouth while reading a book in a beach chair.
10) People and beach umbrellas on beach.
11) Line of people entering beach.
12,13,14,15) Four shots of people on beach.
16) Sheriff deputy riding 4-wheeler on beach.
17) People in water and on beach in chairs.
18) Overloaded cart dragged through sand.
19-24) Six shots of people on beach with black smoke rising from a fire and extreme south end of Siesta beach.
25,26) Two shots of women sitting close in green beach chairs.
27) Group of people using beach showers in close proximity.
28) Backlit scene of guy walking path with wild flowers.
29,30) Two more shots of Siesta Key Beach signs.

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