Freezing Rain Bombogenesis, Winter Storm, Pulaski, NY – 2/6/2020

Pulaski, NY hit with dangerous freezing rain creating hazardous sheet of ice as powerful winter storm undergoes bombogenesis (surface pressure drops 24 millibars or more in 24 hours).
Friday this freezing rain will change over to sleet and heavy snow.

All footage shot during evening darkness on February 6, 2020 in/near Pulaski, NY by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.

Shot Description
1 & 2. heavy freezing fog and freezing rain near Pulaski, NY

3. Electronic highway sign reading “Winter Weather Warning Until Saturday Morning” near Pulaski, NY on Interstate 81 with freezing rain falling

4 & 5. snowplows spreading salt solution on roadways with ice and freezing rain falling in Pulaski, NY

6-9. glaze ice on surfaces (road, cars, trees) with freezing rain still falling in Pulaski, NY

10-16. icicles and glaze ice on various objects: lights, powerlines, trees, cars, etc. with freezing rain falling in Pulaski, NY

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