Dense Morning Fog Blankets Wichita, KS – 12/22/2019

Dense fog overtook Wichita and many areas across southeast Kansas bringing visibility to near zero at times. Dense Fog Advisories remain in effect until 11AM this morning across the region. Fog should burn off late this morning giving way to sunny skies and temperatures 15-20 degrees ABOVE normal. More fog is possible overnight tonight into tomorrow morning across south-central and southeast Kansas.
Shot Description

Scene 1: K-DOT highway sign warning drivers of dense fog, which can be seen in the streetlights behind the sign.

Scene 2: Police cars at an exit ramp at a minor crash.

Scene 3-5: Dense fog along I-235 in west Wichita.

Scene 6-8: POV driving shots in less than 1/4 mile visibility fog in west Wichita.

Scene 9: Heavy fog in street lights with passing car.

Scene 10: Car driving away from camera disappears into thick fog in west Wichita.

Scene 11-15: Various POV driving shots in thick fog.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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