Moab Utah Waterfall Outbreak / Flash Flooding – 12/8/2019

As seen along Highway 128, hundreds of waterfalls temporarily appear out of nowhere following a strong thunderstorm with heavy rain and small hail. Many of these came from rain water collected in and around Arches National Park which lies just north of the Colorado River & Highway 128.

Shot Description

1 Waterfall falling on Highway 128
2 A large waterfall collects others and spills into the Colorado River
3 Four small waterfalls next to each other
4 A pan of multiple waterfalls
5 Small hail falls on Highway 128
6 Hail falls with waterfalls in background
7 Very tall waterfall above 128
8 Large waterfall falling directly on Highway 128
9 Traffic drives under waterfall
10 Red muddy waterfall
11 Water collecting on slick rock before becoming a temporary waterfall
12 Waterfall in Grandstaff Canyon near Highway 128
13 Vertical pan of a tall waterfall
14 Vertical pan on water falling down slick rock
15 Vertical pan on water on slick rock
16 Waterfall being blown upwards by strong winds
17 Distant waterfalls in Grandstaff Canyon
18 Traffic encounters standing water from roadside waterfall on Highway 128
19 Semis enter Moab on 191, looking south at the departing thunderstorm

SID: Terrence Cook

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