Albany, NY Extremely Deep Snow from Nor’Easter – 12/2/2019

Over 2 feet of slippery, heavy wet snow over top of ice in and around the Albany, NY area from a powerful long-lasting Nor’easter has caused numerous accidents and hazardous driving conditions.

All footage shot in and around the Albany, NY area during evening darkness on December 2, 2019 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description
1-8. various shots of a semi-truck held by a guard rail on the side of a steep hill on I-90 after sliding off snow-covered highway near Albany, NY

2 & 3. car stuck in deep snow on I-90 with police assistance near Albany, NY

4. police and tow truck assisting wrecked vehicles on I-90 near Albany, NY

5. car driving through very heavy snow near Albany, NY on I-90

6-8. various shots of snow plows clearing I-90 near Albany, NY

9. person checking snow-covered vehicle in Albany, NY

10. fire hydrant with deep pile of snow on top

12-20. various shots of vehicles and neighborhoods buried under nearly 2 feet of snow in Albany, NY

21-24. various POV driving shots on I-90 with very heavy snow falling in/near Albany, NY

SID: Simon Brewer

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