Saint Cloud, MN Winter Storm, Heavy Snow, Accidents – 11/27/2019

The first major winter storm of the season hit the Saint Cloud, MN area just before midnight and created dangerous driving conditions with snow packed roads.

Footage includes numerous crashed vehicles, tow trucks, snow plows and POV traffic shots.
Shot Description

00:00 Saint Cloud, MN Police SUV in the snow at an accident scene.

00:07 Crashed vehicle and tow truck trying to recover it but it rolls away.

00:29 Tow truck with another crashed vehicle at the accident scene.

00:36 Crashed vehicle up on the tow truck forks.

00:44 Crews cleaning up the debris from the accident.

00:55 Silver car being lifted up on the tow truck forks.

01:05 Wide shot of the tow trucks and crashed vehicles.

1:21 Car stuck deep in a ditch.

1:31 Car stuck deep in a ditch with heavy snow falling.

1:39 Flag blowing in the wind and snow.

1:46 Snow plow in Highway 15 and Highway 23.

1:59 Snow plows gang plowing on highway 23 in the heavy snow.

2:31 Traffic and snow.

2:46 Tow truck and State Trooper on Interstate 94.

3:17 State Trooper and Van stuck in the ditch on Interstate 94.

3:30 Snow Plows on Interstate 94.

3:44 Car deep in the ditch on Interstate 94 with State Trooper illuminating the scene.

3:55 Snow Plows on Interstate 94.

4:13 POV shot of a Semi Truck in heavy snow on 94 and 15.

4:28 POV shot of cars in heavy snow on Interstate 94.

4:37 POV shot of heavy snow and traffic on County Road 75.

4:58 POV shot driving in downtown Saint Cloud with great view of the ice covered road in the snow tracks.

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