Barron County, WI Snow Scenes – 10/13/2019

Residents in Barron County, as well as much of northwestern Wisconsin woke up to a snow covered ground. A dusting to as much as an inch had falling across the area during the overnight hours. This video package will show the beautiful scenery that the snow has left behind. Video was shot between Cumberland and Rice Lake, WI.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Snow on the pumpkins.
Clip 2. A close up shot of the snow on the bigger pumpkins.
Clip 3. Snow covered round haybales out in a field.
Clip 4. A closer shot of a snow covered haybale.
Clip 5. An old silo with snow covered trees in the background.
Clip 6. Red leaf’s with snow on them.
Clips 7-9. Snow covered trees with fall colors.
Clips 10-12. Close shot of the snow covered fall colors.
Clip 13. Snow covered field with fall colors in the background.
Clip 14. A different shot of the same field with another area of fall colors in the background.
Clip 15. Snow covered corn.
Clip 16. Snow covered weeds.

SID: Dirk Miller

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