Barron County, WI First Snow Fall – 10/12/2019

Early season winter storm that effected ND. and MN. also effected northwestern WI. with our first snowfall of the year. We only got dusting of snow. However with the fall colors and the snow falling, it made for a beautiful landscape.
Shot Description
Clips 1-3. Heavy snow falling with the fall colors.
Clip 4. Snow sticking to the pines trees.
Clip 5. Closer shot of the snow on the pine trees.
Clip 6. Snow sticking to trees.
Clip 7. Snow on a log.
Clip 8. Grass slowly turning white.
Clip 9-10. Snow on colorful leaf’s.
Clip 11. Snow sticking to ears of corn.
Clip 12. With many people wishing for the snow to stop. This and the next clip seems fitting. Stop sign with snow sticking on it’s post, along with snow sticking to the powerline post. With snow falling.
Clip 13. A different stop sign with snow sticking to it.
Clip 14. Mailboxes with snow on them.
Clip 15. A speed limit sign with snow sticking to it.
Clip 16. A snow plow waiting to go to work with snow falling.
Clip 17. Snow starting to accumulate along the edge of a window.
Clip 18. Fall colors with snow falling.
SID: Dirk Miller

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