Flash Flooding on the California and Arizona boarder – 9/26/2019

Footage shot along the Arizona and California boarder near the towns of Blythe, CA and Quartzsite, AZ as flash flooding from the monsoon storms hit the area this afternoon
Shot Description

Clip 1 Water rushing into a dry creek bed.

Clip 2 Water over flowing a highway as big rig trucks and passenger vehicles stopped to wait out the flooding.

Clip 3 People out of their vehicles watching the road covered in flash flooding.

Clip 4 Pickup truck driving through the flash flooding.

Clip 5 Highway 95 and Ranchos Not So Grande sign with rushing water flowing in the back ground.

Clip 6 Tighter shot of the rushing water over Highway 95.

Clip 7 Dry Creek Bed now a raging river.

SID: Mike Olbinski

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