Pratt, KS hit with large hail after dark – 9/24/2019

severe storms. Hail up to golfball size poured down, catching motorists off guard as they scrambled into the Love’s Truck Stop on the east side of town to ride out the storm. Several got out to take pictures of the hail as it came down. Hail fell for nearly 20 minutes and torrential rains did some minor flooding in town. This storm carried a tornado warning with it as it passed south of town, but no tornado was reported.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Establishing shot of vehicles huddled under the gas station canopy as the storm strengthens.

Scene 2: Semi truck plowing through flood waters as large hail splashes in the water.

Scene 3: Blue truck driving through flood waters as large hail splashes down.

Scene 4: Tight shot of flood waters as hail splashes down, toward end of clip there is a very large splash as a very large hailstone impacts the water.

Scene 5: Large splashes from hail hitting the water.

Scene 6-7: Shots of large hail hammering the parking lot.

Scene 8: Hail piling up on the ground as it continues to pour down.

Scene 9: Shot of parked cars as hail falls.

Scene 10: Red pickup truck pulling into a open space under the canopy.

Scene 11: Couple of guys directing an SUV as it slowly parks very close to another car trying to take shelter from the hail.

Scene 12: Shot looking down a line of cars parked for shelter.

Scene 13: Woman climbing into her car as hail falls.

Scene 14: Guy taking pictures of the hail as it falls.

Scene 15: Person taking picture of hail in their hand as hail falls behind them.

Scene 16: White SUV plowing through street flooding as high winds and rain and hail fall.

Scene 17: Silver SUV driving through flood waters as high winds and torrential rain and hail falls.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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