Shelf Cloud Wind Damage in Barron County, WI 6/30/2019

A line of strong to sub-severe thunderstorms roared through Barron County this morning. The line of storms produced a rather nice looking shelf cloud. The line of thunderstorms also caused some damage. There was part of a tree that that was blocking a driveway, along with few of the road construction signs to be blown over in the city of Rice Lake.
Shot Description
Clip 1. A wide shot of a tree that is blocking a driveway.
Clip 2. A closer shot of the tree blocking the driveway.
Clip 3. Looking at the center of the shelf cloud.
Clip 4. Looking at the left side of the shelf cloud.
Clip 5. Looking at the right side of the shelf cloud.
Clip 6. A pan of the shelf cloud. Panning from right to left.
Clip 7. Another pan shot. Panning left to right this time.
Clip 8. A road construction sign that was blown over.
Clip 9. Two other road construction signs blown over.
SID: Dirk Miller

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