Flash Flooding And Stranded Cars, Wichita, KS – 6/16/2019

Intense rains from overnight storms lead to flash flooding across the city of Wichita, causing numerous motorists to get stranded in high water. Flooding was particularly bad in West Wichita where nearly 2.5-inches of rain fell in less than 2 hours. Over a dozen vehicles were stranded on West Street alone.
Shot Description

Scene 1: POV driving shot through flooded street and passing a Camero that stalls out along the side of the car.

Scene 2: Shot of three stalled cars on West Street as several people getting out of those cars get behind a vehicle and start pushing it out of the flood waters. NAT sound of girl panicking as she is trying to get the car pushed out.

Scene 3: Tight shot of two of the people trying to push car out.

Scene 4: The people trying and failing to push the car up into a nearby parking lot.

Scene 5: Three people trudging through flood waters between two stalled out cars.

Scene 6: Three people approaching another stalled out vehicle.

Scene 7: People pushing black SUV out of flood waters as another vehicle passes them in the water.

Scene 8: Wide shot of scene with three vehicles in stalled water as people pushing one car through water while other vehicles drive around them.

Scene 9: Shot of SUV driving and turning out of flood waters as a red pickup truck plows through water.

Scene 10: Shot of white car stalled out in high water.

Scene 11: Shot of black SUV stalled out in high water.

Scene 12: POV driving shot as SUV drives passed a stalled car in flooded roads.

Scene 13: POV driving shot following a pickup truck through flood waters.

Scene 14: Heavy rain falling in street light with a tree in foreground.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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