Flash Flooding submerges vehicles in Oklahoma City, OK – 6/6/2019

Training thunderstorms across the Oklahoma City metro led to Flash Flooding across a large portion of the west side of the city. The first Flash Flood Warning went out for the metro out just after 10 am local time with several cars and severe flooding still ongoing around 3 PM local time. Several water rescues were occurring all across the city with I-44 being closed down in both directions between I-40 and I-240 due to severe flooding.

The clips in this video were captured along and near S May Ave between SW 33rd St and SW 15th St on Oklahoma City’s west side between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM. May Ave runs parallel to I-44 going north-south.
Shot Description

Shots 1-3: Cars submerged in water along S. May Ave in Oklahoma City. Was reported water was about 8 feet deep at times

Shots 4-6: Looking southbound on S May Ave of the Oklahoma City Fire Department blocking off the road to the flooded roadway.

Shot 7: Boards and sandbags outside the Country Appliances store where several feet of high water had occurred

Shot 8: Wide shot of the flooding from the 7-Eleven Gas Station at the corner of S May Ave and SW 29th St in Oklahoma City with a gentleman explaining how severe the flooding was

Shots 9-10: Close and wide shots of cars submerged in high water on S May Ave near the 7-Eleven Gas Station

Shot 11: Workers of the Country Appliances Store pushing water out of the store

Shot 12-13: Owner of a car that was submerged in high water towing the car out of the way after the water had receded

Shot 14-15: Video of cars going around barricades that had once closed off the road due to high water underneath a bridge. A lone car is still stranded under the bridge as cars go around it on S May Ave.

Shot 16-19: Various angles, wide and close up of flooding at the intersection of SW 16th St and Brookline Ave in Oklahoma City. Several cars were stranded including a UPS truck with the driver still in the truck

Shot 20-22: Several clips, both wide and close, of a tow company arriving on the scene to help tow out the UPS truck that is stranded in the high waters.

Shot 23-24: Owners of another vehicle stranded in the water arrive to pull the car out of the flood waters with a lady standing in the high water

Shot 25-28: Tow truck drivers walk out to hook up the tow truck and react to the temperature of the water, and pulling the UPS truck out of the flood waters.

Shot 29-30: Owners of the black car pulling the car out of the flood waters with a white pick up truck.

Shot 31-34: Several clips of various cars and trucks driving through the flood waters on SW 15th ST near S May Ave

SID: William Wight

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