Bonner Springs, KS Tornado and Damage – 5/28/2019

Very large and dangerous storm system moved into the western parts of the Kansas City metro area this evening, Footage of a large rain wrapped tornado near Bonner Springs, KS. Additional aftermath damage footage from Linwood, KS.
Shot Description

Clip 1, time code 00;00 to 4;16 Long clip of the vivid motion on the tornado warned storm as the sky becomes darker as the storm moves closer to the camera. Tornado was rain wrapped but you can also see rotation just under the clear slot at times in the center of the screen. Also crazy inflow cloud motion from right to left as the storm is just feeding on the moisture and energy in the atmosphere.

Clip 2, time code 4:16 to 4:25 more storm B-Roll from further away.

Clip 3 – 4 time code 4:25 to 4:38 Two damage clips from the cell phone.

Clip 5 time code 4:38 – End, Wide cell phone clip of the storm clouds.

SID: Jesse Risley

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