Colorado Tornado and Hail Storm – 5/27/2019

Multiple supercells formed in Colorado and produced significant severe weather including very large hail and tornadoes. This video shows hail covering i76, a close up tornado video + various hail video.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Tight video on tornado circulation spinning rapidly in field

Shot 2: Large hail falling and sitting in flooded road

Shot 3: Golf ball size hail stones

Shot 4: Fallen hail accumulated in grass

Shot 5: Hail covering i76 with slow traffic and traffic jams near Fort Morgan, CO.

Shot 6: Pickup truck driving through hail covering road on I76 near Fort Morgan, CO.

Shot 7: Hail covering roads looking like snow, near I76.

Shot 8: Hail falling on I76 W of Fort Morgan, CO.

Shot 9: Dust being kicked up by strong winds in Fort Morgan, CO.

SID: Meteorologist Brandon Sullivan

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