Footage from Denton and Aubrey Tornado Damage and flooding – 4/30/2019

Severe tornado warned storms hit North Texas bringing heavy rains resulting in street flooding in Aubrey and one confirmed tornado in Denton, Texas.
Shot Description

Police car and city crew vehicles with lights blocking street
Large healthy tree completely uprooted and knocked over
Large tree uprooted and fell on fence causing damage
Tree and wooden fence damage with electrical crews working
Two electrical crews in bucket trucks working to clear power lines around numerous tree damage
Wide shot of several street crews with chain saw working to clear large healthy tree down in road
Tight shot of worker with chain saw working to saw large tree limb from tree
Bulldozer attempting to move a large healthy tree from across the road.
Heavy rains cause street and parking lot flooding of businesses
Vehicles driving through flooded streets
Flooded residential street up to vehicles bumpers with people walking through it up to their waists
Truck driving through flooded residential street with water up to the fenders

SID: Nick Copeland

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