Franklin, Texas Tornado Aftermath – 4/13/2019

Widespread damage footage from tornado that ripped through the small town of Franklin, TX off of HWY 79 in Central, TX. First of two packages.
Shot Description

Tight shot of mangled farm equipment and snapped trees in ditch.
Wide shot Pasture of snapped trees and house damage.
Wide shot of electrical crews working to restore power.
Tight shot of car mangled and thrown into ditch.
Tight shot second angle of mangled car throw into ditch.
Tight shot pan up of large healthy tree uprooted by winds.
Tight shot of city vehicle with debris through windshield that was thrown into ditch.
Wide shot of city vehicle with debris throw off road into ditch.
Tight shot of stripped tree with mangled debris in tree.
Wide shot of family working to cover roof damage with tarp.
Wide shot of grain mill with significant damage.

SID: Nick Copeland

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