Saint Cloud, MN Blizzard Thunder Snow Crashes Hail Sleet Lightning – 4/11/2019

Thunder Snow, Lightning, Hail, Sleet, Blizzard Freezing Rain and some strange dust or pollen covering the snow and tinting it brownish.

Today in Saint Cloud, MN all you had to do was wait about a half hour and the weather would change from Blizzard conditions to Thunder Snow and Hail and Sleet to calm and then back to Blizzard conditions.

Footage shows lots of crashes, snow, lightning flashes, hail sleet with a wide variety of footage.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Driving on Interstate 94 in hail and sleet with blowing snow and poor visibility and VO talking about it.

Clip 2 Blizzard Warning on a road sign along Interstate 94.

Clip 3 Flash of lightning from the thunderstorm AKA Thunder Snow at time code 30;06

Clip 4 Dash camera of the lightning flashes from the Thunder Snow at time code 41;19

Clip 5 Driving and talking about the different sky scenes as it is brighter by the blizzard conditions but darker by the thunderstorm.

Clip 6 – 7 Roller accident recovery on Highway 10.

Clip 8 Semi Truck jackknifed and facing the wrong way on the exit ramp.

Clip 9 State Trooper blocking traffic on Interstate 94.

Clip 10 Semi Truck jackknifed and facing the wrong way on Interstate 94.

Clip 11 – 16 Blowing snow in blizzard conditions before the thunder snow.

Clip 17 Hail and sleet from roof camera.

Clip 18 Driving in hail and sleet.

Clip 19 – 22 Snow plows.

Clip 23 – 24 Wind blew over a parking lot street light. Showing aftermath of it smashed on the ground.

Clip 25 – 26 Funky looking snow with a brown tint to it from dust or pollen.

SID: Doug Kiesling

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