Rice Lake, WI Late Season Snow – 4/3/2019

A band of moderate snow moved through the Rice Lake, and Barron County Wisconsin this morning. This caused the ground and roads to become white once again.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A medium shot across the Red Cedar river showing the moderate snow falling.
Clip 2. Closer shot looking across the Red Cedar river with snow falling.
Clip 3. Looking across at different section of the Red Cedar river with snow falling.
Clip 4. Close up shot of birch trees with snow falling.
Clip 5. Road getting snow covered with squirrels running across while one is watching for traffic.
Clip 6. Same snow covered road with a rabbit running across it. Panned to follow it.
Clip 7. Geese swimming in the river. Snow started to stick to their backs. With snow falling.
Clip 8. A vehicle with snow sticking to it.
Clip. 9. Snow sticking to a roof.

SID: Dirk Miller

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