York County PA Hail And Sleet – 3/22/2019

Cold temperatures, gusty winds, and storm cells with sleet & hail squalls pass through the southern Pennsylvania areas of York county during rush hour on Friday evening. The setting sun made for some amazing views of these fast moving storm cells.
Shot Description

Glen Rock, Pa

Scene 1: Storm cell with gusty winds, hail, and sleet in the distance over Nate Sawmill Road, (stationary/wide shot with slight pan to right)

Scene 2: Mixed precipitation falling in the distance from back end of storm passing over Krebs Road. (Rolling / medium shot)

Scene 3: Hail and sleet falling from storm cell passing over Nate Sawmill Road ( slow moving rolling wide shot )

Scenes 4 – 6: Hail and sleet falling from storm cell over Rockville Road. Hail / sleet (mixed precip) can be heard falling on vehicle and seen falling on Rockville Road. Precip falling onto road melts very quickly. (Rolling wide shots)

Scene 7: Storm with falling mixed precip over empty field backlit by setting sun, with white SUV, fence & pine tree off to right (Wide shot with pan to top of storm – Rassler Road)

Scene 8: Storm cell with mixed precip falling in distance behind Codorus Township Park – Rassler Road (wide shot top of storm with slow pan down)

Scene 9: Storm system & falling precip behind Codorus Township Park – Rassler Road ( Stationary shot – wide )


York, Pa


Scene 10: Storm cell with heavy falling mixed precip passing just south of York, Pa – view from Leaders Heights Road ( pan to right, looking up at top of storm cell, pan down )

SID: J Marc Harris

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