Rockton Shirland and Durand IL Rock Pecotonica River Flooding – 3/18/2019

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather and Storm Chasing Video documents historic river flooding along the Pecotonica River in Shirland and Durand as well as the Rock River in Rockton, Illinois during the afternoon of March 18, 2019.
Shot Description

Shots 1-5 – A pickup truck attempts and reconsiders crossing Moody Road in Rockton, Illinois, which is closed due to the Pecotonica River flooding the roadway.

Shot 6 – The Rock River at historic levels as it flows swiftly under the Rockton Road Bridge in Rockton, Illinois.

Shots 7-18 – Scenes from flooded out Settler’s Park in Rockton, Illinois courtesy the Rock River. Flooded gazebo, electrical feeds, baseball field, basketball courts, and the Give A Book, Take A Book box to name a few.

Shots 9-17 – Scenes from flooded out Harrison Road in Durand, Illinois including road closed signs, Two Rivers Park, and a home/garage.

Shots 18-22 – A very small scale ice tsunami occurs along Meridian Road in Shirland, Illinois as strong winds are also affecting the area.

Shots 19-23 – Scenes from a flooded out Rivers Edge Campground in Shirland, Illinois. Multiple trailers and campers overtaken by the Pecotonica River.

Shots 24-26 – Scenes from the flood plain areas of the Pecotonica River along Meridian Road in Shirland, Illinois.

SID: Jesse Walters

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