Colorado Springs, CO Severe Blizzard Conditions Close I-25 – 3/13/2019

Intense blizzard conditions shut down Colorado’s I-25 Highway causing gridlock. The heavy snow and severe winds strand motorists Wed. March 13, 2019 from Denver to Colorado Springs for about six hours until they were able to turn traffic around to get off an exit.

Shot Description

0:00 – Chaos of cars trying to exit the highway through the on ramp from Woodman Road. Cop yells at driver.

0:55 – Close ups of vehicles stuck in traffic with blizzard raging.

1:16 – Shots of wind and snow battering trees along the highway.

1:32 – Wide of line of cars in heavy snow and wind.

1:43 – Stopped car in the middle of the highway with heavy wind and snow.

1:54 – Large highway displays swaying in the severe wind.

2:08 – Close up of the same displays.

2:13 – Semi truck spinning tires on highway.

2:32 – Cars stuck in traffic with severe blizzard conditions.

2:40 – Photographer’s update.

3:19 – Cars stopped in traffic on the highway with snow drifts building around them.

3:33 – Close up of cars with snow drifts.

3:42 – Strong wind and snow over a chaos of cars on the highway.

3:53 – Officer instructs cars to return to the Woodman Road on ramp to exit the highway to clear the road.

SID: Trevor Cokley

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