Winter Storm Hits Twin Cities Metro With Heavy Snow And Numerous Crashes 3/9/2019

Winter storm hits the Twin Cities Metro area during the evening hour’s and causes numerous spin outs and crashes around the metro area.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Skyline with snow falling

Clip 2 Someone in their SUV stuck on Interstate 94 after a plow came by as they were trying to get on the interstate and they spun out into the snow bank and got stuck.

Clip 3 POV shot pulling the vehicle out of the snow bank.

Clip 4 Vehicle smashed into the cable barriers on Interstate 94.

Clips 5-6 Pickup truck stuck in the snow bank on the side of the interstate and looks like it was plastered by snow by several snow plows.

Clip 7 Vehicle spun out on the interstate.

Clip 8 Passing vehicle spun out on the interstate.

Clips 9-12 Minneapolis International Airport Control tower and aircraft de-icing.

Clips 13-16 Snow plows Gang Plowing.

SID: Peter LaFleur

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