Wichita, KS Winter Storm Multiple Vehicle Wrecks – 3/3/2019

Wichita saw the biggest snow it’s seen in nearly 3 years as a fast moving storm system dumped several inches of snow in town overnight leading to numerous wrecks, including two rollovers on the northwest side of town. Snow measured 2.7-inches at the airport, with just over 3 measured in other parts of the city. Winds gusting up to 30mph at times lead to reduced visibility due to blowing snow.
Shot Description


Scene 1-8: Shots of a rollover crash in northwest Wichita where a truck crashed and flipped onto its roof into a fence. The driver in the crash was not injured. Various shots of police on scene and angles of the truck.

Scene 9-13: Shots of a second rollover crash in northwest Wichita off K-96 where a truck slid off the highway and down an embankment, rolling onto its side. The driver suffered very minor injuries. Shots include close ups of the vehicle as well as the police on scene.

Scene 14: Shot of a police SUV next to a vehicle off in the grass off I-135 at dawn.

Scene 15-18: Nighttime footage of a UHaul truck that slid off the highway and into the grass with a police on scene.

Scene 19-23: Nighttime footage of a car that slid onto the median and got stuck on the concrete. Two police trucks were on scene.

Scene 24-25: Shots of a snow plow clearing snow off the highway during the nighttime morning.

Scene 26-27: POV of snow plows on I-135 in Wichita.

Scene 28: Snow plows driving away from camera.

Scene 29-30: Shots of stationary snowplows awaiting deployment with blowing snow in foreground.

Scene 31: Nighttime POV driving shot in blowing snow.

Scene 32-33: Nighttime traffic driving in falling snow.

Scene 34-35: Nighttime snow falling in street light.

Scene 36: Nighttime wide shot of Wichita intersection with falling and blowing snow.

Scene 37-38: Shots after dawn of snowplows clearing fluffy snow off highway.

Scene 39: Light snow being blown sideways in the wind with darker trees in background.

Scene 40: SUV driving on snow-covered road.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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