Rice Lake, WI Snow Storm – 3/1/2019

First day of Meteorological Spring brought yet another round of snow to Northwestern Wisconsin. This snow event caused a few problems out on the roadways. This video package will show a few people that almost lost control of their vehicle, along with an accident that was half cleaned up. The video package will also show the heavy snow falling, along with the city of Rice Lake, and the Barron County Hwy department plowing snow.
Shot Description

Clip 1. An accident that is half cleaned up.
Clip 2. A car that almost had an accident. Came close to running into the snowbank.
Clip 3. A truck that almost lost control.
Clip 4. Another truck that almost lost control.
Clips 5-6. City of Rice Lake plowing snow.
Clips 7-8. Barron County Hwy department plowing snow.
Clip 9. People removing snow from a roof.
Clips 10-11. Shows the heavy snow falling.
Clip 12. Amish heading into town.
Clip 13. Shows how high the snowbanks are getting.
Clip 14. A shovel in a snow pile waiting to be used once again.

SID: Dirk Miller

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