West Side Manhattan NYC High Winds – 2/25/2019

High Wind Warnings are issued for much of the northeast US, as powerful winds turn the west side of Manhattan into a wind tunnel.
Shot Description

Shot 1: A group of Asian women holding a large protest sign are blown around in powerful winds at 42nd Street and 12th Avenue along the west side of Manhattan.
Shot 2: A man struggles to secure a sign to a fire hydrant on the west side of Manhattan.
Shot 3: Pedestrians are hit in the face with 60mph wind gusts as they walk along 12th Avenue on the West Side.
Shot 4: A NY Waterway Taxi bobs up and down in choppy waters on the Hudson River.
Shots 5-6: Pedestrians out and about on the West Side of Manhattan struggling in high winds.
Shot 7: An NYPD traffic agent directs traffic as she’s blown around in high winds at the intersection of 10th Avenue and 42nd Street.
Shot 8: View of a lowered construction crane and skyscrapers along the West Side Highway, as powerful winds blow.
Shot 9: Plastic bags stuck in trees are shredded even further in high winds.
Shots 10-14: Pedestrians blown around in powerful winds on the west side of Manhattan.

SID: Scott McPartland

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