Rice Lake, WI Major Winter Storm – 2/20/2019

This video package will show an accident that happened right in front of the camera, also near accidents at the same intersection. Also shot some of the clean up efforts. Later part of the video will show heavy snow falling and blowing snow.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A car running into the snowbank.
Clips 2-3. Jackknifed tractor trailer on Hwy 48, east of Rice Lake.
Clips 4-6. Vehicles fishing tailing, almost spinning out.
Clip 7. The city of Rice Lake snow plow, plowing snow as it’s coming into the dash cam shot.
Clip 8. Following the city plow as its plowing snow.
Clips 9-10. City plow, plowing snow. Coming into and through the shot.
Clip 11. Barron County Hwy dept. snow plow, plowing snow heading towards the dash cam.
Clip 12. Someone blowing snow from the sidewalk.
Clip 13. Same person blowing snow, and another person shoveling snow.
Clips 14-15. People shoveling snow with heavy snow falling.
Clips 16-18. Snow blowing off roofs.
Clip 19. Snow covered vehicles.
Clip 20. Heavy snow falling in the city of Rice Lake.
Clips 21-25. Heavy snow falling in Barron County 7 miles west of Rice Lake.

SID: Dirk Miller

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