Wichita, KS Overnight Lightning and Winter Mix – 2/7/2019

The third day in a row of icy weather across south-central Kansas culminated with a unique event overnight in Wichita where a cluster of multi-cellular thunderstorms formed with temperatures in the low 20s dropping sleet and lighting the sky with lightning and rumbles of thunder. As the night wore on, a combination of the sleet and freezing drizzle added to already slickened road conditions to make for slow travel as K-DOT crews tirelessly kept treating roadways to keep ahead of the storm.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-5: Various shots of lightning flashes during the thunderstorms overnight as temperatures were in the low 20s. Second clip contains bright flash along with NAT thunder sound.

Scene 6: Vehicle driving on neighborhood street covered in sleet.

Scene 7-13: Various shots of a car that somehow went off the highway, up a fairly large hill, and ultimately through a chain-linked fence. First four shots of the vehicle up close with it’s front end tangled in the fence. Last three shots taken from the highway to show how far up the hill this vehicle had to go to get into that fence.

Scene 14-15: POV driving shots following a trio of snowplows down 21st Street in northeast Wichita.

Scene 16-17: Shots of K-DOT highway sign warning drivers of icy bridges and ramps.

Scene 18: POV driving shot along I-135 passing a K-DOT highway sign.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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