Freezing Drizzle And Crashes in Wichita, KS – 2/5/2019

Freezing drizzle fell across portions of southern KS Tuesday morning prompting Winter Weather Advisories for icy travel across the region. Numerous minor crashes occurred in Wichita due to the icy conditions. A glaze to approximately 0.05-inches were reported across the city.
Shot Description

Scene 1: POV driving shot approaching closure of westbound Kellogg Ave near downtown.

Scene 2-5: Various shots of spin-out crash into concrete wall at an exit from Kellogg to downtown Wichita.

Scene 6: POV driving shot passing cop closing the Kellogg Exit at I-235.

Scene 7: POV driving shot passing cops that have the downtown exit closed due to crash in earlier scenes.

Scene 8: Shot of traffic passing red crashed car.

Scene 9: POV driving shot passing another crash scene on Kellogg near West.

Scene 10-13: Various shots of crashed vehicle on tow-truck on Kellogg at West.

Scene 14: Tow truck taking a green car away from a crash scene.

Scene 15-17: Shots of K-DOT highway signs warning drivers of icy roads.

Scene 18-19: Salt truck laying down Salt onto street.

Scene 20: POV driving shot of oncoming salt truck.

Scene 21: Interior vehicle shot of windshield wipers failing to get ice of the windshield.

Scene 22: Shot of someone scraping ice off windshield.

Scene 23: Interior vehicle shot of wipers knocking ice off windshield.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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