Bluff, UT Rare Desert Rain – 1/17/2019

A rare sight of moderate rain fell late Thursday afternoon across the Four Corners region, bringing much needed moisture to the severe drought in Bluff, Utah.

Shot Description

1 Truck in moderate rain on Highway 191 near Bluff
2 Traffic in desert on Highway 162 near Bluff
3 Bluff, Utah town sign in rain with traffic
4 UPS truck in Moderate rain with cliffs
5 Puddles with car reflection
6 Puddles with car reflection
7 Classic car in rain with traffic
8 Traffic in rain with Classic car
9 Bears Ears Education Center
10 Old Gas pump with traffic
11 Gas pump with traffic
12 Reflection of traffic in puddle with cliff
13 Motel sign reflection in puddle
14 Motel office entrance flooded


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