Lake Erie Lake Effect Winter Storm Hits Gowanda, NY 11/27/2018

Powerful Winter Storm hits Gowanda NY with heavy lake effect snow off Lake Erie. Almost 2 feet of snow is expected in the area. Accidents, dangerous driving conditions, deep snow, cars and neighborhoods covered in deep snow.

All footage shot in or near Gowanda NY during morning daylight hours of November 27, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

1-4. car wrecked into highway sign in ditch after sliding off snow-covered highway near Gowanda NY

5. snow plow clears snow in downtown Gowanda NY with heavy snow falling

6 & 7. various shots of people shoveling snow in downtown Gowanda NY with heavy snow falling

8-11. various shots of heavy snow falling with passing traffic in downtown Gowanda NY

12-17. various shots of cars and homes buried in deep snow with heavy snow falling in/near Gowanda NY

18 & 19. shots of near whiteout conditions with very heavy lake effect snow falling in Gowanda NY

20. POV shot of car slipping-and-sliding on snow-covered roads trying to go up hill in Gowanda NY

21 & 22. POV driving shots of school busses driving on snow-covered roads with very heavy snow falling

23. pushed-in shot of sub-freezing electronic temperature sign in Gowanda NY

24. shot of theater sign and heavy snow falling in Gowanda NY

SID: 77

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