Chautauqua County, NY Heavy Lake Effect Snow Storm – 11/27/2018

Heavy lake effect snow prompts WINTER STORM WARNING for Chautauqua County including Forestville, NY. Dangerous driving conditions, low visibility, and heavy wet snow causing problems for travelers and pedestrians.

All footage shot in/near Forestville NY in Chautauqua County during evening darkness on November 27, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

  1. pushed-in shot of snow plow clearing snow in downtown Forestville with snow falling
  2. POV shot of “Winter Storm Warning” electronic highway sign with snow plow clearing snow past sign near Forestville NY

3-5. various shots of heavy snow falling past tall lights in a super market parking lot in Chautauqua County

6 & 7. pedestrians trudge through snow-covered super market parking lot with heavy snow falling in Chautauqua County

  1. pushed-in shot of traffic driving through heavy snow on snow-covered streets in Forestville NY
  2. POV shot of snow-covered road with heavy snow falling near Forestville NY neighborhood

10-12. various shots of heavy snow falling past Christmas decorations in downtown Forestville NY

  1. POV shot of snow plow clearing highway with traffic on snow-covered highway near Forestville NY

14 & 15. POV driving shots of heavy traffic with heavy snow falling on Interstate 90 near Forestville in Chautauqua County

  1. slow passing side shot of trees weighed-down by heavy wet snow near Forestville NY

17 & 18. POV shots of very heavy falling snow and low visibility in Forestville NY

SID: 81

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