House Fire – FDNY Response Rego Park Fire, Queens NY – 10/2/2018

The FDNY responds to a house fire on Ellwell Crescent in Rego Park, Queens NY.
Shot Description

Shots 1-2: Fire fighters from the FDNY are surrounded by smoke as they break glass, and use their crowbars to clear debris from a 2nd floor window.
Shot 3: Flames shoot out the side of a home on Ellwell Crescent in Rego Park.
Shot 4: Thick smoke pours out from a 2nd floor window.
Shots 5 – 7: FDNY personnel respond to a house fire.
Shot 8: Fire fighters on the 2nd floor of a home are barely visible through thick smoke as they work to extinguish the fire.
Shots 9 – 13: Various shots of FDNY and NYPD vehicles responding to the house fire.

SID: Scott McPartland

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