Red Tide Ecological disaster protest, Siesta Key Beach, FL – 8/12/2018

Florida Red Tide news. “Hands Along the Water” event coverage Sunday Aug 12, 2018. People wearing masks and respirators organized at one of America’s top-rated beaches, Siesta Key Pulbic Beach among airborne neurotoxins released by an outbreak of Florida Red Tide to show their solidarity for action in protecting Florida’s coastal ecology and water quality. People joined hands across FL beaches today to show their support for action against red tide and water pollution, many wearing breathing masks. (Scientific name for red tide algae is Karenia Brevis. It releases a irritating airborne neurotoxin that adversely affects sea life, birds, and mammals. It is believed to be enhanced by water pollution caused by over development, agriculture, and antiquated flood management systems in Florida.)

Shot Description
1) Siesta Key Beach Lifeguard wearing a respirator leaving life guard stand.
2) Siesta #1 Beach sign at entrance to beach as guy talks to child about algae bloom.
3) Ride tide present in sea water at beach.
4,5) People organizing a line on beach near red lifeguard tower.
6) Woman walks through frame wearing a protective mask along a line of people.
7) Med shot of group of people wearing masks.
8) Pan across line of people at shore of beach.
9) Two women walk through frame wearing masks.
10) Group of people wearing masks.
11) Woman walks line of people wearing a mask.
12) Wide shot of line of people holding hands.
13) Tigher shot of people holding hands with masks on.
14) Pan shot of people holding hands, some with masks.
15,16) Two traveling shots along line of people holding hands with masks on.
17) Pan right along line of people holding hands along beach.
18) Young people with masks on.
19) Another shot of women joining hands high.
20) A senior couple wearing masks in blue joining hands.
21) Guy with cameras walks though frame with red cloth on face.
22,23) Red tide stained sea water at shore with barely anyone in water.
24) Pan of nearly deserted Siesta Beach after event ends. This is very rare on a Sunday in August where the beach would have many people on it normally.
25) Pan of nearly deserted Siesta Beach parking lot.
SID: Brian Dombrowski

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