Queens New York City, NY Evening Rush Hour Flash Flooding – 6/28/2018

Training thunderstorms prompt flash flood warnings throughout the NYC Metro area during the height of the evening rush hour.

Shot Description
Shots 1-3: People caught outside without umbrellas run for cover from the torrential rains along Woodhaven Blvd in Queens, NY.
Shots 4-5: Children dash in and out of the torrential rains, and jump into puddles for fun.
Shots 6-7: People take shelter under the overhang of a grocery store as torrential rains continue to fall.
Shot 8: Gutters overflow as torrential rains continue to fall.
Shot 9: People stand out in torrential rains as they wait for their bus to arrive along Woodhaven Blvd.
Shot 10: A teenager runs across the street and takes shelter under an overhang as torrential rains fall.
Shots 11-12: Sewers in the middle of the street overflow as heavy rains create flash flooding.
Shot 13: Fast moving rain water flows down clogged storm drains in Middle Village, NY.
Shot 14: Timelapse sequence of thunderstorms moving over a residential neighborhood in Queens, NY.
SID: Scott McPartland

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