Ecological Disaster – Red Tide Outbreak – Sarasota, FL – 6/23/2018

A Florida Red Tide outbreak along the southwest coast of Florida is killing fish and other marine life as well as causing respiratory issues for beach goers for the first weekend of summer. Florida Red Tide is caused by the karenia brevis algae which emits an airborne neuro-toxin when it blooms. It is natural occurring but is believe to be exaggerated in frequency and intensity by fertilizer run-off from coastal development and unexpected heavy rain such as that from pre-season storm Alberto.

Reference on Red Tide
Shot Description

1,2) Red tide fish kill at Caspersen’s beach in near Venice in Sarasota County Florida.
3) A man looking for sharks teeth holds his shirt over his nose and mouth attempting to mitigate the irritating respiratory effects of the red tide airborne neuro-toxins.
4) People in water and digging for shark’s teeth during a red tide outbreak at Caspersen’s beach with dead fish washed up on beach.
5) Woman with towel over her nose and mouth to defend against respiratory irritation from red tide airborne toxins.
6) Massive fish kill at Caspersen’s beach.
7) People under beach umbrella in chairs.
8) Wider shot of people under beach umbrella in chairs with dead fish in foreground.
9) Large dead grouper on beach.
10,11,12) Dead fish closer shots.
12) Man walks shore along line of dead fish at Nokomis Beach at Venice Inlet Sarasota County FL.
13,14) Two shots of county workers using tongs and buckets to clean up the dead fish piling up at Nokomis Beach.
15) New dead fish still washing up on shore.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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