Scott City, KS Flash Flooding – 6/19/2018

Multiple rounds of severe storms with torrential rain hammered Scott City in west Kansas on Tuesday afternoon dumping over 5 inches of rain in two hours leading to flash flooding in town. Numerous roads in town became impassable with a few vehicles stalling out in the high water. Some businesses were completely surrounded by water, some needing water pumps to keep water from entering.
Shot Description

Opens with various shots during torrential rainfall as flooding begins in town. A white car stalls out on a neighborhood street. Followed by trucks on K-96 in town with water flowing over the road. A white truck drives through a flooded street, then a gold SUV drives in deep water, stalling in parking lot. Guy climbs out of door. Two ladies walking around in a flooded street taking pictures. Silver car in deep flood waters, then a business in town surrounded by flood water, then a dumpster on its side halfway inundated by water. Storage sheds in flood water, then a pump working to rid of water. Last shots of flood waters at the city limit sign.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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