Ford County, KS Tornadic Storm – 5/29/2018

Tornado video (stovepipe) shot from north of DDC along HW3 283.
Ground dragging meso: south of Bucklin, KS on HWY 34
Video also contains scenes of developing base 7 mi south of Jetmore
Shot Description

00:00 – 02:20: Ground dragging meso south of Bucklin, KS
02:20 – 04:12: Developing base/wall cloud 7 miles south of Jetmore
04:12 – 04:32: Stovepipe tornado near DDC, shot from HWY 283 north of DDC looking SW.
04:32 – 06:40: Various shots of ground dragging meso shot from south of Bucklin, KS looking north towards town.
06:40 – END: Stovepipe

SID: Brian Barnes

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