Multiple Tornadoes and Storm Damage In Federal, WY – 5/27/2018

Significant tornado damages several homes in Federal, WY north of Cheyenne. Footage of 4 tornadoes including destructive Federal tornado, and footage of several homes heavily damaged

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on May 27, 2018 in/near Federal, WY by meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-5. various pushed-in shots of heavily damaged homes by destructive tornado in Federal WY north of Cheyenne

7. pushed-in shot of first tornado storm produced in mountain area west of Federal WY

8. shot of 2nd tornado near Federal WY

9-14. various shots of multivortex tornado damaging several homes in Federal WY

16 & 17. shots of large stovepipe tornado coming out of rain near Federal WY

18. shot of chasers going in reverse driving away from dangerous coming rope tornado near Federal WY

19 & 20. shots of long rope stage of Federal WY tornado

21-23. various shots of large tornado under partially rain-wrapped mesocyclone after crossing I-25 north of Cheyenne WY

SID: Simon Brewer Juston Drake

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