Valparaiso, IN Roll Cloud and Storm Footage – 5/14/2018

Around 7:30 pm in May 14, 2018, a roll cloud developed along an outflow boundary from storms in Chicago, Illinois that was moving southeast. Storms initiated along and behind the roll cloud leading to heavy rain, pea to nickel size, and an increase in winds in Valparaiso, Indiana.
Shot Description

Clip 1-3: Video of the roll cloud approaching and passing through Valparaiso, IN
Clip 4: Heavy rain, increasing winds, and the beginning of the hail in Valparaiso, IN
Clip 5-8: Various clips of the heavy rain and hail that was falling and collecting on the ground
Clip 9: Timelapse of the evolution of the roll cloud in Valparaiso, IN

SID: Will Wight

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